Steel/Stainless steel/Duplex Stainless steel/Titanium/Aluminum/Brass materials: Balcony, Balustrades,Shopping mall post
Handrail brackets, Stair posts,Pool fencing spigots
Glass canopies/Skylights/Steel framed awning
Glass door, Marble stone bracket, Cladding bracket
Electric Fold door-Office partition, Wall partition, Glass partition
Structural Glass Facades-Mullion, Truss, Mast truss, Cable truss, Glass fin, Grid shell,Cable net, Cable mullion
Spider Glass Curtain Walls - Bolted Point Fixed Glazing

Flooring safty, Stainless steel & Brass Warning Tactile guide lines & indicators,Tactile guardlines, Indicators, panels, tactile strips, drain grating, manhole cover

"WanHuiTongYang Brand"SS304 SS316 Stailness Steel Glass Connectors On-Line Catalogue WHTY Group-Fence, Gate, Guardrail

"WanHuiTongYang Brand" Stailness Steel Glass Canopy systems On-Line Catalogue WHTY Brand floor tactile systems

"WanHuiTongYang Group" Stailness Steel Grade316 Architecture Glass Hardwares On-Line Catalgoue

"WanHuiTongYang Brand" Stailness Steel Glass Balustrade& Stair Handrails On-Line Catalgoue

“WanHuiTongYang Brand" SS304 SS316 Glazing facade curtainwall spiders and fittingsl


Popular Sales Production Glass fittings

WHTY Brand Brass, SS316 Tactile guide lines & indicators

WHTY Brand luminous/directional/carborundum insert floor safty

WHTY Brand SS316 Handrail Bracket

WHTY Brand SS316 Glass Railing Handrail bracket

WHTY Brand SS316 Standoff Brackets

WHTY Brand Standoff bracket packing

WHTY Brand SS316 Standoff-Black Coating

WHTY Brand SS316 Glass Brackets

WHTY Brand Curtainwall Glass Bracket

WHTY Brand Curtainwall Glass Brackets 2

WHTY Brand Curtainwall Glass bracket pacing

WHTY Brand Curtwainwall Glass bracket Packing two

WHTY Brand SS316 Point fixing packing

WHTY Brand SS316 Concrete dyna bolts packing

Glass Facade Bracket, Point Fixing

Floor Spring,Glass Door locks, Hinges

Shower door clips, Hydraulic hinges

Architecture Metalworks

Wood Screws Hexagon Lag Screws Coach Screws

Pool Fencing Spigot, Glass Railing StandOffs

Hydraulic Glass Hinges

Glass Railing Post, Glass Bracket

Concrete Stailness Steel Bracket

Concrete Stailness Steel Anchor

Plastic Plug for Concrete fitings

Dyna Bolts Sleeve Anchors Lynch Pins

Stailness Steel Handrail tubes, Slot Tube,Oval Tube

Glass D Clamps Square Clamps Double Circular Clamps

One Two Three Four Way Spiders

Seamless Round Tubes Square Tubes Post End Caps

Dress Rings Cover Rings Base Plates

Tube Connectors Post Elbows

Tube Supports Universal Mid Rail Fixed Articulated

Crossbar holder Flat and Radius Corner Wall Base Tube Base Flange Tube Bases

Fence post T type, U type, Y types

Sliding Door Shower Door Bathroom Door Fixings

Frameless Door Stop Glass Door Rollers Track Clamps Pulleys

Fin Plates Base Plates

Gate Hinges Handrail Flanges Glass Standoff

Marble Brackets Stair Railing Brackets Handrail Brackets

Round Spigots Square Spigots Base Plate Spigots

Square Frameless Core Drill Spigots Solid Glass Spigots

Duplex Grade 2205 Solid Bar Spigots/Mini post

Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

Stone/Marble Curtainwall fittings

Stainless steel manhole cover

Stainless steel Channel Drainag

Customers' drawing New design are acceptable