Our group hold on three famous brand:"WanHuiTongYang Brand (WHTY brand), BTF Brand, B.T.Brand Glass hardware Brand,WanHuiTongYang Steel framing fixings, WanHuiTongYang Brand Frameless glass hardwares ,WanHuiTongYang bran Fittings of Glass Canopies and Glass awning systems, WanHuiTongYang brand Architectural glass metalworks, WanHuiTongYang brand curtain wall fittings and pool fence hardwares, WHTY Brand Gold Color Stailness steel hardwares and WHTY Brand Glass fasteners and Aluminum"WHTY bathroom hardwares, WHTY Brand Industrial machinery power transmission parts, WanHuiTongYang Brand windows and decking fixing accessories, products mainly applied to industry and construction line.

Our products were used in tank fasteners, water tank fixings, steel silos,color steel silos,steel tanks, glass fused tank bolts, GRP water tank bolts,nuts, Biogas sio fasteners, Plastic nut covers, High tensile bolts and Stailness steel silo bolts with different color and type PP,PE,ABS head covers, 4 fin neck lock tank bolts, Tank fascia class8.8 HDG, class 10.9 bolts, nuts , steel framing sheds, GLS tank or Silo four line lock bolts, Normal, Middle, Heavy type silo bolts, Stailness steel tank and silo bolts with 4 type neck line, glass facade, glazing curtain wall,glass fasteners and aluminums,glass railings, pool fencings, shower door, commerical glass door,structural steel building, steel frame sheds, tool hooks, Padbolts, hinges, shelf shed hardwares, metal building bracket, louvre window bracket, valves,pumps,mechanical transmission machines,railway,vessels,yachts,steel structural bridges,highways guardrail,kitchen equipments,furnitures fittings,bathroom fittings,petrochemical,offshore oil towers,wind mills,power transmission towers,water & oil gas pipeline,water storage tanks and so on.