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Carbon Steel and Stailness Steel Material Pure aluminium,Aluminium alloy; .
The Class of products are Class High tensile Class 8.8/Grade 5, Class 10.9/Grade 8, Class 12.9/Grade 10,SS316 Marine grade stainless steel, Super stainless stel ss2205, We could make:Plain, Black oxide,Black Phosphated,White Zinc Plated,Blue White Zinc Plated,Yellow Zinc Plated Surface,Hot Dip Galvanised surface.White and Blue Zinc Plated can be trivalent chromium Cr3+ or hexavalent chromium Cr6+,Yellow Zinc Plated just can be hexavalent chromium Cr6+.





Ant0 Seismic Brackets

Hexagon Bolts Hexagon Flange Bolts

Steel Structural Large Head Hexagon Bolts

Carriage Bolts Fin Neck Bolts Bin Seal Bolts

JCB Bolts Plow Bolts and Nuts

Track Bolts and Nuts Segment Bolts and Nuts

Wheel Hub Bolts and Nuts

Railway Bolts and Nuts Clips

U Bolts L Bolts

Wheel Bolts Hub Bolts Eye Bolts

Bottom Rail Bolts Ribbed Neck Bolts

Hitch Balls Goose Neck Tow Bar Balls

Hanger Bolts Socket Head Cap Screws

Machine Screws Wood Screws or Lag Screws

Self Tapping & Drilling Screws

Chipboard Screws Drywall Screws

Colletated Screws


Concrete Screws Thread Cutting Screws

Roofing Screws Composite Panel Screws

Breakstem Fastener-Rivets

O Type D Type Safety Pins Hitch Pins

Split Pin Slide Pin AXLE Pins

Cotter Pin Saddle Pins

Hex Nuts Heavy Hex Nuts

Nylon Lock Nuts Flange Nuts

Weld Nuts Square Nuts

Threaded Rods Tie Rods

Flat Washers Spring Washers

S Hook Snap Hook Toggle Hook Cables

Square Fish Plate Rolla Matic Bubble Plates

Rear Angle Plate Two Hole Plates

Door Flag Hinges Crown Door Hinges

Solid Brass Door Hinges Continuous Hinges

Sub Mont

her Door Hinges

H Type T Type Hinges Garage Door Hinges

Windows Flag Hinges Bar Hinges


indows Rollers Folding Hinges

Shelf Sup

ports Cabinet Supports

Concealed Door Closers

Chain Door C


Two Spe

ed Adjustable Door Closers

Back Check Cl


Pole Line Hardwares



Fastener popular production

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Windows louvres Fitting

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners for steel framing Sheds 1

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners for steel framing Sheds 2

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Anti thele padbolts

WanHuiTongYang Group-New Design Screws

WanHuiTongYang Group-AS3566 Class 4 Color Head Roofing Screw

WanHuiTongYang Group-TecTek Screw

WanHuiTongYang Group-Purlin Bolts Fascia Bolts Nuts

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Tank Bolts and Nuts

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Tank Bolts Nuts

WanHuiTongYang Group-Stainless steel aisi316 Deck Nail

WanHuiTongYang Group-Strut Beam Clamps

WanHuiTongYang Group- Flanges

WanHuiTongYang Group-Structural Bolts,Nuts,Washers Assemblies

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Band with holes

WanHuiTongYang Fastners-Electrial cable ties

WanHuiTongYang Fastners-Bands Aluminum

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Construction Brackets

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Door plates,Shed plates

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Concrete screws 1

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Concrete screws bolts 2

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Concrete screws bolts 3

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Dyna bolts and Wall Color Anchor

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-CNC components,Turnning parts

WanHuiTongYang Fasteners MFG-Hand tools Riveters

WanHuiTongYang Group-Riggings